Lush | Halloween Collection 2017

I’m a Lush addict! There, I said it! I love nothing more than treating myself to a hot bath and popping in a gorgeous smelling bath bomb.

I love how Lush release different bath bombs for different seasons. This year I decided to take a look and see what their Halloween collection had in store. I’ve only ever had the pumpkin bath bomb before so I decided to treat myself to some newbies. I love how there is something for everyone in the range, even my husband fancied the Lord of Misrule! (Sorry hubs, that’s mine too!) I was so excited to try out the jelly bomb as I’ve never had one of those before and they sound amazing.

Pumpkin – £4.25 Each

This bath bomb is pretty bog standard. With its singular colour and cute design this is a straight up bath bomb for that someone who doesn’t like too much fuss! It takes no time at all to get fizzed up and it leaves your bath a beautiful bright orange colour. In my opinion the pumpkin king smells like orange peel and vanilla, with a slight pinch of cinnamon to give it that little pumpkin spice punch.

Lord of Misrule – £3.95

Wow… this one is a good un! When I first smelt this bath bomb in store, I automatically thought it smelt like a mens fragrance with a slight pinch of vanilla. It actually reminded me of Christmas, even though this bomb is a limited Halloween product. Once you pop this into your bath the water slowly turns green. Once the outer layer has broken, a beautiful rich red wine colour starts to pour out along with popping candy. Yep, popping candy! This just made the bath experience so much fun. I would definitely recommend this bath bomb for younger children as they will absolutely love the colours and the popping surprise.

Monsters’ Ball – £4.50

How cute? This one reminds me of Monsters Inc for some reason… The smell is gorgeous. So relaxing, sweet but with a little zing, this is my favourite smelling bath bomb of the entire range. This one is a slow fizzer but from the initial pink colour, out comes a beautiful blue. When mixed properly you can create lots of lovely marble effect purple tones. Theres no hidden surprises in this one but it did leave my skin so silky soft. This one contains lime, neroli and olibanum oil which combined together just make the most amazing smell. Another one that the kids would love and not just because of the cute design, this one will make them feel so relaxed and sleepy. Perfect prep for after bath snuggle time.

Sparkly Pumpkin – £4.25

Ok, so I’m not a massive gold glitter fan but how gorgeous does this look? I could just eat it! Even though this bubble bar is bright orange underneath all that glitz, it actually leaves your bath looking a really pale orange colour. If your not sure how to use one of these bubble bars, you can either break the product into small pieces to make the most of your money or you can crumble the whole bar under the running tap, give your bath a little stir and voila, your bubble bath awaits. I was worried that I would come out of the bath looking like a space creature with all that glitter but to be honest, most of it doesn’t stick to the skin and washes away. I was expecting this to smell just like the pumpkin bath bomb but actually it smells sweet, like a floral perfume. I really liked this one and I didn’t think I would. I suppose you should never judge a book by its sparkly cover.

Ectoplasm -£4.95 (Jelly Bomb)

Now this one is definitely one for the kids! I have never used one of these jelly bombs before so I decided to give it a whirl. Once you pop it in your bath, it instantly gives off a gorgeous pale green colour thats met with swirls of lilac. Give the jelly bomb at least 5 – 10 minutes to get the jelly to the top. I know its tempting to have a swirl and help it along the way but your best leaving this one to its own devices to really get the benefits of the jelly. Once the jelly bomb has stopped fizzing, the top layer of the bath is incased in a fun, gooey jelly consistency. This product is made from brown seaweed which gives off multiple benefits to the skin. This one also smells incredible, like a mixture of citrus fruits and coco butter. So uplifting but also so relaxing! The jelly dissolves on its own after about 30 minutes but thats enough time to have a play about with the slime. Have fun!

So thats everything I purchased from the Lush Halloween collection 2017. Please let me know if you’ve purchased any of these products and if theres anything else I’m missing out on. Any excuse to go shopping and have a nice relaxing bath is absolutely fine by me!

Laura x


  1. Dawn
    October 27, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    I’m not really a bath time person as I like to jump in and out of the shower but reading all about these products makes me want to give them a try.

    • laura_leanne_edwards
      October 27, 2017 / 6:14 pm

      Definitely try the Lord of Misrule. It’s so much fun! 🙂

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