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Seeing our baby on the screen for the 1st time is all I could think about since the moment we found out I was pregnant. Nothing felt real until I could see it with my own eyes, know that it was there, that everything was ok and I was actually having a little baby.

When we first went to the doctors we were told that the midwife wait was quite long and I actually didn’t see my midwife until I was around 10 weeks pregnant. Once you see your midwife you are then put on the system and allocated a scan appointment at the nearest hospital that can accommodate you. My nearest hospital is Pinderfields in Wakefield but we were sent to Pontefract for our first scan as Pinderfields were fully booked.

You have to attend your first scan before 15 weeks or you can’t have one then until 20 weeks (on the NHS) This scan is normally done at 12 weeks. You can pay to have a scan done as early as 6 weeks at a lot of different, private clinics. We actually used Window to the Womb in Leeds to find out our baby’s gender at 16 weeks!

Before your 1st scan they tell you to drink a lot of water and with this being my 1st pregnancy I listened and filled up to the brim with the stuff. That meant by the time we actually reached the hospital it felt like a challenge getting out of the car I needed to pee so bad! I could barely walk to the maternity department and I think I nearly cried at one point because I daren’t go to the toilet incase they called my name and I missed my slot. Or what if I tried to pee a little but it ends up being too much and then they can’t see the baby?! Honestly, every silly thought pops into your head. In the end, Dan had to ask the nurse if I could go because they were running behind and I thought I would end up sat in a puddle of pee on the floor.

When we got called in for the scan I felt really scared but excited at the same time. What if we went in there and they told me the tests were wrong, that there was nothing there? Or what if something was wrong? (There’s a lot of what ifs when your pregnant, your mind seems to go into overdrive!)

I laid down on the bed and she put the freezing cold jelly on my tummy and I noticed that I couldn’t see the screen. She kept it facing towards her to start with and then asked me to go and empty my bladder a bit more as she wanted a clearer picture. (So don’t drink too much water ladies, you don’t need it!) So I came back and we started again. Then she asked me to do some jumps. Yep, jump on the spot and star jumps! Then she asked me to lay on my side, then the other side and by this time I started to get a little upset. I thought we were wrong, that we weren’t actually pregnant because she can’t find it.

Then there it was.

She turned the screen around and we saw our baby for the very 1st time. Nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you for that moment. It was so surreal, a baby, our baby was in my tummy on that screen and it all just became a little overwhelming and I started to cry. Then Dan cried and then we all cried.

You have to pay if you want to take the images home with you, so they chose the most clear pictures and we paid for them using a photo kiosk. I think we paid around £5 for 4 images but it was so worth it. I will treasure those pictures forever. I think I just clutched them until we got home because I didn’t want to put them down.

I’ve said it before but nothing can prepare you for pregnancy. Everybody has a different experience and when it’s your 1st baby, going through all these processes, appointments, scans etc etc are so exciting and quite scary at the same time. Just try to enjoy your experience and hold onto those precious moments and memories because they really do go in a flash and before you know it you have a nine month old……

Laura x

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