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I love it when we stumble across a dog shop whilst we are out shopping as I love to pop in and pick Max up some treats. I love spoiling him when I can and I never seem to find many dog shops in my area that sell nice products.

The shop itself is quite large and filled with gorgeous items for your furry friends. They also have an onsite groomers which looks so nice and a section for small animals and cats which I think added a nice little touch. They cater for all dogs and sizes from collars, leads, beds, food, grooming products and toys. Most items are reasonably priced, it just depends what you are after. I do tend to spend quite a bit of money on Max where necessary as he has remained the same size since he was a pup so I know that items such as coats & collars will last and I will make the most of my money.

We picked Max up some treats from the pick and mix section jars, 10 items for £2.00 and also some chocolate buttons (Dog friendly of course) 4 for £1.00. We also got him some Lily’s Kitchen food and a homemade dinner by Rupert’s that is made on site. We gave Max the homemade dinner when we got home and he absolutely loved it! We also treated him to a little Iced Woofin, which is quite pricey at £2.95 but worth it to see his little face enjoy it.

If you are local to Barnsley or the surrounding areas and are struggling to find nice products for your Dog, definitely give Rupert’s a try as it is a great little dog shop. If you are traveling to Rupert’s especially, the Pot House has a couple of shops and a cafe so you can pop in there and have a brew, even with your furry friend as they accept Dogs.

Happy shopping!

Laura x

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