About Me

Ok, how do I start this thing? Writing about yourself is hard!

Hello! I’m Laura. I’m 31, I live in West Yorkshire with my Husband Dan, my Yorkshire Terrier Max and 2 Children – Jacob, 2 and Noah, 5 months.

I originally started Blogging / YouTube in 2013 when I moved out of my childhood home and bought my first house. Then came getting engaged, married and pregnant and it seemed life just got in the way. I recently sat down and decided to make a list of things that make me happy. Writing and photography is up there so I decided to start this website back up and give it a fresh new look for 2020. I told myself that just because I’m a mum and a wife doesn’t mean I can’t do what makes me happy too.

I have a huge passion for home interiors, fresh white flowers, handbags, kinder chocolate, football and rugby. I love nothing more than a cosy night in with a pizza & the PlayStation and I love my family and friends more than anything in the world.

In my day to day life I’m currently on maternity leave so my days are filled with my two boys and the furry child. We make dens, paint pictures, make yummy chocolate treats and read lots of fun stories. It’s not all rosey, we do have days where I want to pull my hair out and drink all the gin I own but I do love my boys more than life itself and becoming a mummy was the hardest but greatest achievement I’ve ever done.

I’m hoping that you will get to know me more through this website as I will be covering every aspect of my life. I’m hoping to inspire, to encourage, to share any life hacks, bargains, travel and food inspiration for you and your families. So I hope you will all come on this little journey with me and enjoy my posts for years to come.

Laura x