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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved Christmas time. The lights, the festivities, the family time & best of all, the Christmas tree. Up until last year I’d never had a real tree but I’d always wanted one and I think I managed to sway Dan into letting me get one because I was pregnant.

We purchased last years tree from Woolley Edge Farm and I loved it so much I knew we would be going back this year for another one. This years tree shop was even more special for me as I got to share it with my little boy. The farm has a Santa sleigh and reindeers to take a look at and I couldn’t wait to show Jacob.

(Not that he even has a clue, bless him!)

The Christmas trees they have are beyond beautiful. There are all kind of styles to suit everyones needs and theres always someone on hand to help you or give you any advice you might need. Last year we spoke to a really nice man that helped us get our lovely tree. My main question was regarding the needle retention as I didn’t want any stray needles getting stuck in Max’s paws. And also, the smell! Being pregnant last year really played havoc with my sense of smell, so much so we had to swap our brand new sofa with my dads old one until it got better because every time I smelt the newness it made me sick.

We chose our tree and it looked beautiful but I was really ill last year with the flu and being pregnant so I think besides the lights, the tree had about 5 baubles on it because I just didn’t have the energy to decorate it. So this year, I really wanted to go to town. I wanted a slightly bigger tree and I changed my colour scheme to red, silver and white. Obviously, that meant that I had to go decoration shopping too…what a shame!

This year I chose a slightly larger tree, the same style as last year as I know that it retained all its needles and stayed alive for so long we had to kill it off….RIP Christmas 2016 tree! The tree we purchased was a Nordmann Fir as they have excellent needle retention and the scent is gorgeous. We paid £44 this year and the tree is worth every single penny.

These beautiful wreaths are handmade from a little cabin on site. There is a decoration area that you can get any bits you need from lights to baubles and in there you can choose which decorations you would like on your chosen wreath.

This cutie is £25 and I will definitely be buying one next year when we move house.

Once you have chosen your tree its then wrapped in netting and the trunk is cut to help with watering. You can have your tree carried to the car for you but we wheeled them down ourselves. Luckily my boot is big enough to fit both of these beauties in.

Once you get the tree home, you want to pop it in your chosen stand (these are also sold on site) and drop a little water in there. Cut off the netting and let the tree fall and settle on its own for an hour or so before you start to trim up.

I bought this hessian tree skirt from Wilko’s for £10 and I just love it. It matches my hessian stockings this year and I just think it finishes the look of the tree off perfectly.

And there we have it, our 2017 Christmas tree! Now I’ve had a real tree I don’t think I’ll ever have an artificial one again.

I can’t recommend Woolley Edge Farm enough. Lovely trees, lovely people and great service. I’ll definitely be coming back for Christmas 2018!

Laura x

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