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This year I wanted to make a DIY advent calendar for my sister as she deserves a treat this Christmas!

I popped to Country Baskets to see what I could find to help me. My friend spotted this advent kit that comes complete with 24 gift bags, 24 number stickers, red ribbon to tie and a thick patterned ribbon to hang. The kit cost £4.99 and was just what I was looking for!

I then nipped to the shops to see what goodies I could find to pop in these little bags. I wanted to get some items I knew she would wear or would like to have, a couple of joke presents and also a couple of pamper bits to help her to relax. I set a budget of £30.00 and the first shop I ventured into was Lush. I picked up the Snowman bubble bar for her day 24 present and then headed on into Primark to see what bits I could find.

Once I bought all 24 presents, I then started to plan out what gift went with which day. I kept a log on my phone that listed all the dates and each present so I would know what she got and when.

The bags came in 3 designs so I sorted them into an order and then placed each date sticker on top. I then cut out squares of tissue paper that would be big enough to fit the bags and cover each gift so she couldn’t have a sneaky peak! I then cut all the tie ribbons to size and got to work placing all the gifts in the bags.

I picked up some Christmas themed treats and some joke presents such as the reindeer earrings! I really enjoyed picking out pieces that I knew she would love. I also had to pop some chocolate treats in there too! It wouldn’t be a real advent calendar without it!

I love how these little bags look and I cant wait to give them to her. I think it’s nice to do something a little different every now and then. I hope she likes it!

Obviously you can put anything you want in the bags, from just chocolate to Christmas decorations, you really can do exactly what you want.

If you make your own advent calendars this year, let me know what ideas you came up with and if they liked it. I’m sure they will!

Laura x

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