How To Make | Homemade Gin

I do love a good G&T every now and then and I recently made my own thanks to my husbands thoughtful Christmas gift. Making it was so simple and definitely something you can make at home with a few staple ingredients.

So who knew that vodka, infused with juniper berries and botanicals = gin. Ta, dah, that’s it! It’s so simple to make and by using different botanicals, herbs or spices, you really can create any kind of flavoured gin you want.

The Homemade Co Gin Making Kit – £29.50 – Amazon

If you want to make your own gin just follow the method above and you will be good to go. It really is so simple to make. I do think this kit would make a lovely present for a fellow gin lover and I think the brown bottle and cute, modern label just give it that rustic and personalised touch.

I absolutely loved the way this gin turned out. The final flavour gives you a little after kick and once paired with slim line tonic, ice and a slice of lime, you’re good to go.

You can find juniper berries in any big brand supermarket, I found some in Tesco at 85p for 28g. Pair them with any cheap brand vodka and your chosen flavouring and you’re good to go.

This would make such a lovely, thoughtful, homemade present for your fellow gin lovers. Pair it with a bag of limes and a bottle of tonic and I swear you will become the best present giver around.

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