How To Make | Canvas Keepsakes

What kid doesn’t like getting a bit messy? What Nana doesn’t like to receive a thoughtful canvas of their grandchildren’s hands? Sometimes the most thoughtful, treasured gifts you could ever give are those that are made from the heart.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on arts & crafts, just a cheap canvas board and some multicoloured paints will do. Oh and some tiny hands and feet!

I made these canvases with the boys for Mothers Day this year. I thought it might put a smile on a couple of faces amidst all that is happening in the world right now. We couldn’t spend Mothers Day with each other this year or see the boys hug their Nana or Auntie but this just gave them a way to communicate and always be there, even when they grow up and those tiny hand prints don’t look so tiny anymore.

We decided to make a sun for their great auntie Dawn and some pretty flowers for their Nana Edwards.

I got the idea from good old Pinterest (I could literally spend hours getting lost on there!) and then popped to Wilko and Poundland to pick up what we would need.

I got canvas boards, finger and poster paints, foam butterflies and stars and an adhesive set to try and create some masterpieces.

For the sun canvas we traced around a paper plate to get a guide line of where to place those tiny toes.

I made the big boy go first as he has the largest feet and tried to follow the circle of the sun. In-between Jacob’s footprints we managed to get Noah to actually press his foot onto the canvas board. He is always screwing his fingers and toes up so we thought we might have had a battle on our hands but thankfully he managed it and it came out really well.

Once all the footprints were done, we painted in the sun and added on the little artists names and the year we created it. I think it looks so cute and such a lovely way to brighten up a loved ones day.

It cost around £3 to make these canvases but I think they are such priceless, thoughtful gifts that come from the heart and create such beautiful memories to look back on.

The beauty of arts and crafts is that it keeps the kids entertained for hours and creates such lovely memories for you and them.

You can make anything on these canvas boards. I’ve saved one for our little Easter crafts day so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram page to see how that one turns out.

If you decide to make any of these with your little munchkins, please pop me a picture in the comments so I can see how cute they are. Have fun!

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