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This year we decided to pick our own pumpkins from one of our local farm shops, Farmer Copley’s. We’ve never picked our own before, (I’m kind of a last minute supermarket pumpkin kind of girl to be honest!) but as we have our own little pumpkin this year, we decided to make the day of it and pick our 1st ones from the farm as a family.


When you pull up into the car park, there is designated parking just for pumpkin pickers. It was very well organised from the get go which was great for us and we had ample space for putting the pram together and getting sorted. I did my research before we went and I knew that you could pay on card for most stalls/ attractions but you would need cash for some bits. I do think that there should have been a section on Farmer Copley’s website that clearly states what you will need cash for as you did need it for the wheelbarrow deposit and guess who didn’t take any cash with them…?

My very own gorgeous pumpkin!

As you can see from the above picture, the pumpkins are spread out all over the field. They all range in size so the prices do depend on what you pick. We picked a smaller one at £3 and a large one at £6. We absolutely loved picking our own pumpkins and I can’t wait to do it again next year when Jacob is a little older and a little bit more aware of what was going on.

Obviously Jacob was super impressed that mummy wanted a cute pumpkin picture… (Sorry bubbs!)

You could choose to carve your pumpkin in one of the stalls they had created for you or take them home and do it yourself. They do sell little carving kits at the tills, just incase you don’t already own the tools.


After we picked our chosen ones we decided to pop to the Moo cafe for a spot of breakfast. It fills up quite quickly, especially on event days so I would recommend getting there early like we did and then you won’t have any trouble. When we were leaving, the queues for the restaurant were out the door! The food was gorgeous and they were very quick in getting it to us, which we really appreciated. Who knew pumpkin picking could make you work up such an appetite?!

We had such a fab time at Farmer Copley’s! There is lots to do for children of all ages, from tractor rides, story telling and corn canyons. The farm also has pens for all kinds of animals which you can walk around and take a look at. They are so cute and the little ones will love it!

We can’t wait to come back next year!

Laura x

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